The attached pictures and letter was brought to me by one of my friend who is working in SL Army as a Brigade Commander.


Mr.K. G. Rambanda, recently passed away due to

fatal accident in Kandy area.

Due to the critical injuries he was not able to

survive but his organs helped to survive 6 people.

An army soldier who was injured in the war was able to survive

due to the help of Mr. Rambanda’s liver. 


The army brigade commander had visited his house to pay the gratitude and he found out that family has been living in a shelter. There are 2 girls and widow mother presently living in this house. 


We are planning to complete the attached house and provide basic items to that family. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could donate money, education assistance, building materials or home needs to this family.


I will take the fully responsibility of this project and I can coordinate your donations.


Address: Nilanthi Rupasinghe, Morakawewa, Wadigewewa, Horowpothana.


Army contact:


Col AP Wickramasekara, Brigade Commander,621 Brigade, Welioya.


or you can reach me over 770-696-4400.



Thank you

Sarath Weerasekara